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¡Felices fiestas!

Repara y dale mantenimiento a tu equipo Sony y Libec.
Contamos con talles especializado y autorizado.

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Missed our webinar? Watch now and learn how our 4K 3D medical displays and powerful NUCLeUS video-over-IP solution for robotic surgery can transform your Operating Room.

Join us tomorrow and the 13th for the AV Solutions Road Show in Tampa, FL at Hyatt Place Wesley Chapel. Experience hands-on demonstrations of our AV technologies and software innovations, and discover new ways to empower your organization. #avtweeps

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Infinity handled the broadcast of one of the most anticipated events in Taiwan - the 2021 Mayday New Year’s Eve music concert. To ensure a top-notch production, Infinity acquired Sony HDC-5500 camera, HDCU-5500 camera control unit, and the HDC-P50 camera.

Improve your ICU with NUCLeUS. With our smart communication and imaging solution, you can enhance team collaboration and prioritise tasks. Simplify your workflows with efficient audio-visual communication and remote patient monitoring. #SonyPro

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We spy #AlphaCollective member @monaris with her camera 👀

In the third episode of “G Master Perspectives” we connect with photographer and #AlphaCollective member Garrett King (@shortstache) on one of his latest adventures to photograph some of the most untouched areas in Iceland.

#ShotOnSony #SonyGMaster

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Your new Anchor Audio Fantasy Football champion- Richard Araujo! 🏈#anchoraudio #fantasyfootball #champion

Anchor Technology- solving needs and outperforming the competition! Anchor Air, Link, Coverage, and Juice are all part of the Anchor Audio Technology family. Together they create the perfect portable sound system and solution for all your audio needs. #nationaltechnologyday

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Just posted a photo @ All Over the World

Just posted a photo @ All Over the World

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Check out this video from @apogeedigital & learn more about the Apogee ClipMic digital 2.
For a seamless workflow, integrate the UltraSync Blue to generate timecode to sync all of your audio & video in post.
More on UltraSync Blue:

There's still time to snap up our NINJA V+ Deluxe Starter Kit promotion!

Includes the NINJA V+ with the AtomX 5" Accessory Kit for only $999 USD.

Available until 31st January.

Learn more:

#ninjavplus #recordlikeaninja

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In a tight situation, sometimes it's easiest to only set up one camera. With the KMU-100, you can use 1 4K camera and select 4 pieces of the video to export 4 HD outputs to your switcher or recording device. Or you can use 2 4K cameras to create 8 HD...

For free badge registration for InfoComm 2019 in Orlando, please use the code "DAT146" when registering!

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New Version 9.0 software is now available for all #BroadcastPix integrated production systems. This major software release includes many significant new features that will benefit any production environment. Learn what’s new in V9.0 here:

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your live production experience! Discover the #MXHybrid - the all new, easy-to-use and 4K compatible video production and streaming solution from #BroadcastPix! Learn more here:

#hybrid #IP #videoproduction

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Wishing all of our friends, customers and colleagues a safe and prosperous #NewYear

Is it possible to change the audio matrix for all files in the playlist at once?

Hear from Lewis Kirkaldie to find out. #CinegyAir

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#HybridWork is the new(ish) normal. Discover just how easy it is to create secure, seamless, and reliable collaboration within your organization

#hybridworkplace #avtweeps #ProAV

On World Braille Day, like every day, it's important to remember to be inclusive. Choosing AV technology that connects visually challenged individuals with collaborative audio, is one way to help.

#inclusion through #innovation 💫

#braille #accessibility #worldbrailleday

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Quacker Clamps look so pretty all lined up!! These go by many names, but supporting Foam Core, Bead Board and many other bounce materials is what they’re all about!! Bounced Light Is The Best Light!!
#Matthewsgrip #reliablegripgear #bouncedlightisthebestlight #lightinggear

Another batch of Max Menace Arms about to come to life! Watching our team work together to create the highest quality gear available is amazing!
#Matthewsgrip #MaxMenaceArm #ReliableGripGear #MadeInTheUSA #MaxArm #MaxMenace

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For his short film “Bol Diyaan Unma,” DP Vijay Tomar decided to pair the ZEISS CP.2 and CZ.2 with a Canon C200 to bring him the perfect balance between cinematic softness and sharpness while matching 80s aesthetics. Click here for the full interview:


If you missed my convo w our Zeiss friends on cinematography, it’s now available on YouTube. I touch on my camera choices, lenses & filming stunts for #TheRookie, #AmericanHorrorStories and #ALeagueOfTheirOwn. And yes, plenty of laughs @ZEISSCine #HappyDP

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We're excited to announce that the Canon XF605 has won Best Camcorder for @videomaker's Best Products of 2021!

Why DC Shoes directors Chris Ray & Martin Fobes chose the Canon C70 to shoot their latest documentary -
@canonUSAPro @chrisrayfilms

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